A new beginning... and a Thank You.

When I stated Richard Anthony Clothing Co. back in 2013 I had a simple idea of creating fun apparel inspired by the things I love and enjoy. That was it. I never thought beyond that simple dream. It was about anything other than pursuing something that I knew I loved. I was scared, nervous, anxious, and full of self doubt. I remember telling my mother and best friend about my plans and feeling like an insane person. 'Am I crazy for wanting to do this?" I still vividly remember thinking at the time. I had to do it. Designing and creating was and still is in so many ways therapeutic for me. Over the years my inspirations have evolved but the one constant is my love to do it. When I began I wondered if even one person would want to buy something I created. Never in my life did I ever imagine that I would sell more than one thing, to someone across the world at that.

A lot has happened since then. I've grown, matured, and have experienced life. I lost my favorite artist of all time, Prince Rogers Nelson, in 2016 which profoundly affected my design inspiration and the trajectory of my brand. I have also found myself on the opposite end of legal inquiries from his estate in the form of cease and desist letters. The most recent one coming last year which sent me into a bit of a mini-depression and creative funk. How had it come to this point I thought? This is my ALL time favorite artist... the last thing I ever wanted was to be at odds with his estate. Everything that I create inspired by him is out of love. It is my way of thanking, honoring, and remembering him along with his creative legacy. It is my contribution to the artistic light and joy he brought myself along with so many. It is also something else... after I went into my depression last year after unsuccessfully attempting to work on a mutual solution with the Estate, I discovered that I need to do this. My art is also something I use to heal, mourn, and process the passing of one of my creative heroes. I never mean to be disrespectful with anything I do. In fact it is the exact opposite. I only mean to praise and show reverence to those who inspire me.

So today as I begin this journey again, I embrace what is to come. I promise to give you guys who support me more transparency into my creative world. I promise to be true to myself and who I am as an artist, and I promise to continue to create. If Prince taught me nothing else... he taught me to not be afraid and to fight for what you love. I will continue to do just that by creating art that is inspired by everything I love... purple included.

Thank you everyone for your support. For your business, and for your trust. 


Love Always,


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